change of pace

2016-07-11 21:20:20 by SKillustration

Trying to break bad habits. Trying to make new good ones. working out rust and trying to be more positive about work. Gonna make a concerted effort to engage not only the Newgrounds comunity but people at large as well. 


Pico Day

2016-05-06 18:22:32 by SKillustration

Sitting in my hotel room. I still dont know how I got here. I feel like its gonna be joke and im gonna walk into a casting couch. Like this is some elaborate prank my friends are pulling on me.

Im gonna throw up


2016-04-24 19:47:52 by SKillustration

I challenge you to a kissing contenst.


2016-04-07 14:30:24 by SKillustration

just gotta survive until pico day...

Just found out

2015-04-22 16:27:03 by SKillustration

I can eat a hot dog under water.

Too much garlic

2014-12-06 10:32:15 by SKillustration

I have the worst gas.....